About us

Over the past 20 years, LoadMaster Weighing Systems ApS has specialised in development, production and sale of weighing systems within the transportation industry.

We produce our own LoadMaster weighing systems for air and mechanical suspension trucks and trailers. Weighing systems which are essential in order to ensure maximum vehicle utilisation while ensuring that the vehicle is loaded correctly within legal limits.

We specialise in mobile weighing and related data, and subsequent dissemination of data collected for reporting, settlement of accounts, billing and the like. Our product range includes mobile weighing systems for loader tractors, cranes, refuse collection trucks, and trucks used in transport. Several of our weighing systems can be approved for billing.

Additionally, we sell TPMS Tyre Air Pressure Monitoring Systems for all types of vehicles. Contact us and we will help you find the precise weighing system to suit your particular needs: +45 8725 7020