Weighing Systems for agricultural trailers

The investment in a weighing system on an Agriculture Trailer is typically recouped in a short period of time.

It’s simple: all you have to do is order the weighing system at the machine retailer selling you the trailer – they will ensure that is properly installed.

Or you can contact LoadMaster directly, and then we will arrange for delivery and installation at your location.

If you have any particular questions or you are in need of more specific information, or if would you like to have a demo of the system, we are of course stand at your service.

The benefits of a weighing system on the trailer are many:

  • Easy calibration of the yield sensor on average WITHOUT having to drive to the weighing bridge/truck scale
  • Accurate weight on the total amount of feed in a stack
  • Weighing of grain or other crops that is being moved/traded between farms
  • No overload when driving on public roads
  • Documentation of the work performed
  • Wireless transmission of weight data via the Logger FMS system
  • Accuracy 2-5% of max. weight
  • Easy installation (4-5 hours)